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Precious metals are physical assets which are fantastic for holding value against other fiat assets or equities.

Often considered a more stable assets many products in this class are known for holding out through recessions and thriving in times of economic instability proving to be a longstanding fantastic choice and a great choice in recent times.

The most popular investment metal is 24ct gold – this is the purest form of gold available worldwide at 99.9%.

Our expert team can advise and supply physical metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, Rhodium and many more in the form of bars, coins and grain for in-store collection or delivery.

Simply request the weight and material you would like to purchase and our team will immediately quote you based on the day’s pricing and availability.

At your discretion we will fufill your request. We always have a variety of bars in stock at 1g-1000g and you can collect your required amount within the same or next day from our boutique.


On bullion we accept up to £8000 cash in-store, Debit Card and Bank Transfer. 

With all purchases and investment gold sales we require one form of Photo ID (Driving Licence or Passport) to complete your transaction.